Enrichment Montessori Preschool

6 weeks – 6 years old

  • Advanced Montessori Curriculum

  • Authentic Montessori Materials

  • Full Day Kindergarten

  • After School Enrichment

  • Advanced Art and Engineering Program

  • Designated Art Studio with a Professional Art Teacher

  • Yoga

  • Foreign Language

  • Drama/Public Speaking

  • Science

  • Gardening/Outdoor Nature Classroom

  • Dance

  • Soccer

  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables daily

Every parent wants the best for their child. But is your child really getting everything that they deserve in their current preschool or daycare? A clean and germ free environment. A state of the art building. The only authentic Montessori with enrichment Art and Engineering program in Hillsborough. Specially trained premier teachers. An incomparable method of teaching. That is what your child deserves and that is the unique environment that your child can experience with the STEM Montessori Academy of Hillsborough. Enrolling is simple, give us a call (908) 336-1211 or stop by, fill out some forms, and your child could be in class as soon as the next day.

STEM Montessori Academy of Hillsborough follows the Montessori Method down to the core. From having mixed age classrooms, hands on learning, authentic materials and philosophy following  Dr. Maria Montessori’s scientific studies of child development, STEM Montessori Academy is without a doubt the ideal setting to help foster your child’s learning path from a young age. Centered around the individual needs of every student, STEM Montessori Academy wants to provide the best possible learning environment for your child to thrive and be able to reach their full potential.

Why we are different?

Our enrichment programs are designed to take your child’s education to the next level. Our focus on a STEM education as well as our Montessori program have come together to create creative, educational and fun activities that foster a deeper love of learning.

In our preschool, going outside isn’t a break from learning but rather learning in a unique form. Our outside classroom focuses on nature exploration, application of real world skills such as gardening, as well as fostering creative minds. Our farm to table program is a unique aspect of our outdoor learning program as it takes children through the process of growing their own herbs and vegetables and then being able to enjoy them at meal times.