At STEM Montessori Academy of Hillsborough we believe that our school needs to be a good fit for your child and your child needs to be a good fit for our school. A preschool is one of the first experiences of community that a child experiences and we pride ourselves in creating a community bursting with a thirst for knowledge, expecting and teaching respect and creating lifelong friendships. We built this community to push each other to grow and bring out the best in each other. Our strong community is more than just a preschool- we are a family. Schedule your tour today to see if this family is right for you!

Our educational programs put your child on a strong path to their future right away. Every plant starts as a seed and without sunlight, air and water it wouldn’t be able to grow. Every future doctor, lawyer, engineer and entrepreneur has to start somewhere and we believe that our school is the ideal place to start. We believe that every child is capable of achieving so much in the future but first, they need to be equipped with the skills and tools to do so. Our programs teach children the academic, social and life skills that they will need no matter where their education, careers and lives take them. It all has to begin somewhere- so why not here?

Step 1 in our enrollment process is scheduling a tour. Seeing is believing and when you tour our facilities you will be sure that you made the only right choice for your child.

Schedule a Tour

Step 2 is filling out our Pre-admission questionnaire to help us determine if your child is a good fit for our school. We strongly recommend filling out the questionnaire in advance of your tour.

Pre-admission Packet

You may be offered admission to our school right after or during the tour if we determine that your child is a good fit.

Step 3 is filling out the full enrollment packet that will be provided to you when the admission offer is extended.