STEM Montessori Academy of Hillsborough uses the Montessori method of teaching enriched with Art and Engineering program. Meticulously following the Montessori method, our classrooms are mixed age, and include hands on learning, authentic Montessori materials and individualized lesson plans. We also have an art program in our school in order to foster creativity and artistic expression. The two programs work in perfect harmony to provide your child with an environment ideal for their educational development and future success. Our programs are gifted and talented, specially designed for advanced students and place an emphasis on the academic, social, and emotional development of our students. 

We believe that a quality education does not follow a set curriculum but rather allows students to work at their own pace and follow their interests that typically exceed what they would be able to do at other preschools that do not follow Montessori philosophy. A 3 year old learning the geography of North America and while barely able to pronounce countries like Nicaragua, learning where on the map it goes. A 4 year old learning how to read sight words and turning it into a fun game. A 5 year old doing triple digit addition. That is our classroom and that is our gifted and talented program. Our classrooms employ lower ratios of student to teacher than is typically recommended in order to allow each child to get more attention. In addition, we also follow strict health code and cleanliness standards to ensure our students stay as healthy and happy as possible.