Montessori Practical life activities

Practical Life Activities

Practical life activities help children develop order, concentration and coordination. Here are a few ideas to do at home

  • Roll a mat and put it away

  • Walk around the mat

  • Carry a chair

  • Carry objects on a tray

  • Carry liquids on a tray

  • Walk on the line

  • Walk next to the line

  • Stack a tower of blocks

  • Outdoor play – climb, swing, run, jump

  • Open and close lids

  • Pour water from a pitcher into a glass

  • Wash fruit and vegetables

  • Squeeze orange juice

  • Washing hands and face

  • Use a dustpan and small brush

  • Plant seeds

  • Transferring marshmallows from one plate into the other with the spoon

  • Slicing strawberries, bananas

  • Scooping oatmeal from one bowl into another with a spoon

  • Wringing a wet cloth

  • Washing a surface

Great Resources

While the schools are closed or if you are simply looking for additional academic work for your child, here are some great resources

Virtual Tour of National Museum of Natural History