This is one of our primary enrichment programs. We have a strong belief in the value of free creative expression. We have a designated art studio with a professional art teacher in order to facilitate such expression and let imaginations run wild.


Exercise and movement is incredibly important for everyone but especially important for young children. Dance creates a fun atmosphere to allow kids to practice control of their movements and increase their endurance all while having a super fun time!


One of the main aspects that makes our school unique is the STEM aspect of every child’s education. Science is a vital of that and through fun and interesting experiments and lessons, we expose the children to scientific concepts much earlier than other schools and educational programs.


Part of a Montessori education is exposure to practical life skills and cooking is an important part of that. Kids often find cooking especially interesting because they witness their parents do it and often wish they could help or contribute and in our cooking program they do just that!

Foreign Language

Starting a foreign language is most effective at a young age when the brain is still developing at a quick pace and in our increasingly globalized world, knowing only one language is no longer enough. Because of that understanding we have a Foreign Language program to give the children a good foundation and help them stand out in their future careers.


Our focus on engineering is derived from our emphasis on STEM subjects as an integral part of our curriculum. Engineering combines mathematics and science with creativity and our program allows the children to explore a complicated discipline at a young age and develop vital skills like logical reasoning and application of their knowledge.


Language development and the development of literary skills from a young age is vital to cultivate now. Reading and writing is not only important for every child’s future but sadly so many children grow up hating to read and not experiencing the uniqueness of being able to completely disappear into an imaginary word. Our literature program fosters a love of reading and creates children with stronger vocabularies, stronger reading comprehension skills and more creative imaginations.


Although not a typical academic subject, our drama program is inspired by our belief in creative expression. The program allows kids to step outside their comfort zone, become someone else for a little bit and is a fun way to develop public speaking skills from a young age.