We offer a full day Kindergarten Montessori program. Our program offers a fully comprehensive preschool program, which will run from 8:30 to 3:30, with the option of before and after care.

The Kindergarten year is a time when many of your child’s earlier lessons come together and become a permanent part of his/her education. The Kindergarten year is integrated to demonstrate the connections between the different areas of study and higher level skills. This important year highlights critical thinking, composition and research based projects.Children will also be able to become creative and independent learners, who can further develop their social interaction skills, in a preschool environment.

The Language Arts curriculum sets the stage for your child to master such skills as reading, writing, (including cursive), spelling, dictionary skills, poetry, penmanship, parts of speech and grammar.

The Mathematics curriculum focuses on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in detail. Building on the skills learned in preschool, a fair portion of the math curriculum is focused on geometry, constructive triangles, multiplication and division.

In Physical and Cultural Geography, your child will examine the formation of Earth, its place in the solar system, its atmosphere, weather and seasons, and the various water and land formations. They will also explore ways of representing these features through the use of maps and a compass. A major component of this curriculum is the study of the continents, countries of the world and their cultures.

In Botany, they will study plant anatomy, plant geography, and plant horticulture. In Zoology they will study an overview of the animal kingdom and classification.

As you can see, we have planned an exciting educational year for your kindergarteners!

This program will run from September through June.