Our primary program, for children 3-6 years old, is highly advanced and designed following the Montessori method. The classroom follows the Montessori method with authentic materials and style of teaching, children learn at their own pace, and independence is highly valued. Because students learn at their own pace, many children are able to quickly advance and learn quicker than they would be able to in a traditional preschool. Because of this style of teaching, our classroom naturally has students advanced for their age, learning material that usually is not covered until much later in primary school. We foster a passion for learning and make every school day something that the kids are excited for, rather than dread. In addition to developing traditional academic abilities, our classroom is also an ideal environment for nurturing practical life skills, gross and fine motor skills, and gives students the power to explore their interests. In addition, our art and engineering program encourages artistic expression and creative freedom. Each day in our classroom is full of learning, personal development, and growth that sets the foundation for a successful future.