Virtual Learning Program

Best suited for ages 6 – 12

Only children who are fully virtual in public school will be accepted into this program. No hybrid option is available! The goal of this classroom is to avoid any extra exposure for the children and the families. The children will have the same group of friends every day with the same teacher every day, thereby limiting any extra contact and making it easier to do contact tracing if necessary. We follow the strictest CDC recommendations!

A solution for working parents that are not yet comfortable sending their children to school but need to be sure they are still learning and completing their school work.

Have to go to work and uncomfortable sending your child back to school? We have the answer…

Send them to our Virtual Learning Classroom where we will provide

  • Only 10 children (proper social distancing)
  • Designated teacher to help with their virtual school work (no lost assignments or reasons why it couldn’t be done)
  • Disinfection every hour
  • Strict cleanliness and health standards
  • Clean and safe environment to complete their work on time

Our Teacher can:

  • Practice reading with your child
  • Read and discuss a book with your child
  • Practice writing with your child
  • Make and discuss an art project with your child
  • Make and discuss a science project with your child
  • Help them with an assignment making sure they understand it
  • And so much more …



Controlled and limited environment is so much better than public school right now…

(908) 336-1211

What parents are saying…

Ms. Adele has been a wonderful teacher for our kindergarten age daughter. She is enthusiastic, patient and fun. – Margaret

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“Excellent. Kudos to all you and your staff does for our kids. Thanks for making all of us feel safe when we have our child(ren) back at STEM!” Amit

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